Happy Skin Power Pout in Strong and Sexy

I was never a fan of lip glosses. When I think of lip gloss, I think of tacky, sticky icky texture, and I don’t like any of those. Haha So when Happy Skin released their very own “Lip Gloss” range, I was skeptical. I dropped by their newly opened stand-alone store in Glorietta, I swatched away and FELL IN LOVE!❤ It’s not really a lip … Continue reading Happy Skin Power Pout in Strong and Sexy

Colour Pop Ultra Satin Lip

Colour Pop is an American brand that has been so consistent with affordability and quality of products. People around the world have been dying to get their hands on everything they release since they started. Their most famous product is the Ultra Matte Lip collection, which you can see all over social media! I personally don’t like Matte lipsticks so I were never really curious. … Continue reading Colour Pop Ultra Satin Lip

Guest Haven Baguio – Home Away from Home! ❤

*Warning! This is a photo-blog entry!* Whenever we go to Baguio, the first thing we really think about is a place to stay, relax, and be our “Home” away from home. So I took it personally to find that “home” we are looking for. I looked through some new Inns and Bed and Breakfasts in TripAdvisor and I saw this beautiful new Bed and Breakfast … Continue reading Guest Haven Baguio – Home Away from Home! ❤

Part 2 ❤ Baguio Trip ❤ FEB 2015

The second part of our 1-week vacation is in Baguio. People might say “Baguio lang?“, but you know, there are so many hidden gems in Baguio! It’s actually now a Foodie paradise! In short, our paradise! 😀 We actually planned our honeymoon around food. Hahahahaha 😀 ❤ I saw this pretty little Bed and Breakfast on Tripadvisor called Guest Haven Baguio and fell in love with the wood furnishings, … Continue reading Part 2 ❤ Baguio Trip ❤ FEB 2015

Part 1 ❤ Banaue – Sagada Trip ❤ FEB 2015

This is the first part of our 1-week vacation right after our wedding. 🙂 On the night of our wedding, we departed for Banaue. Ohayami Trans has Manila to Banaue, and Banaue to Manila Trips. I bought the ticket 1 week before the trip for seat assurance, because they sell out fast! They are located along Lacson Avenue, corner Fajardo Street (the street after where … Continue reading Part 1 ❤ Banaue – Sagada Trip ❤ FEB 2015

Hole in the Wall – Century Mall :)

You always plan for something and often times you end up not doing the things you planned. YUP. ALWAYS. Camille and I went to Century City Mall to try their newly opened Hole in the Wall. The plan was to try every stall, but then as expected from us, we didn’t had the stomach to endure the cheering yummy stalls. We end up stuffing ourselves with … Continue reading Hole in the Wall – Century Mall 🙂

November 2014 BDJ Box – Benefit Cosmetics Exclusive :)

OKAY. THIS IS CRAZY. ANOTHER BENEFIT COSMETICS EXCLUSIVE. AGAIN? YAAAAAAAAAY! DID YOU KNOW THAT THIS IS THEIR 3rd TIME TO HAVE AN EXCLUSIVE BOX WITH BDJ BOX? STILL DON’T BELIEVE ME? OKAY, LET ME CALM MYSELF FIRST. Now that I’ve finished my chamomile tea, let’s go back to the box. WHAT A LOVELY BOX! I just LOVE everything! So chic and dainty! 1) Bathina Scented Body … Continue reading November 2014 BDJ Box – Benefit Cosmetics Exclusive 🙂

October 2014 BDJ Box :)

Beauty boxes often offer the latest and the upcoming products in the Makeup Industry, so people often forget the roots of the Beauty World. Skin Care my friend, Skin Care. 🙂 People always end up being so disappointed when Beauty Boxes give us “Skin Care” boxes, which I think is very wrong. This box is no exception. People reacted negatively with this box. I really … Continue reading October 2014 BDJ Box 🙂

BDJ Box Elite 2014 – Heroine Make :)

Hi guys! I’m so excited to write this post! The BDJ Box Elite 2014 edition just came out! And I LOVE EVERYTHING IN IT! They featured Heroine Make, a Japanese brand, which is just coming in the Philippines. 🙂 I’m a big, big, BIG fan of Japanese comics, or Manga (I read them. LoL), and I got so excited when I saw all their products! … Continue reading BDJ Box Elite 2014 – Heroine Make 🙂

June Haul!

Hi guys! Another late post! Haha I’m sorry! 😀 Anyway, these items are just too irresistible to make a pass! 🙂 1. Clarisonic Replacement Brushes About time to get replacements! 🙂 2. Mac Osbourne Collection Blushes  Kelly’s Cheeky Bugger and Sharon’s Peaches and Cream. I’m still hunting for the Kelly Yum Yum Lipstick! 3. Anastasia DipBrow Pomade – Dark Brown  4. Mac Roxo – Pedro Lourenco Collection … Continue reading June Haul!