Beauty Blender’s New Rival?

Introduction to Makeup Sponges!

Makeup sponges are used for liquid, cream and powder products. It can be used for:

  • Liquid, Cream and Powder Foundations
  • Liquid and Cream Concealers
  • Cream Blushes
  • Loose and Setting Powders
  • lastly and most importantly, to blend and diffuse all the said products to seamless perfection!❤

Its coverage for Liquid and Cream Foundations and Concealers is Sheer to Medium. While coverage for Powder Foundations is Medium to Full.

In comes the Original Beauty Blender. The most iconic and a bit expensive than others. It’s expensive, yes, but IT WORKS. Period.

Beauty Blender, when damp, is very soft, flexible and bouncy which makes it so easy to use and makes flawless effect without any effort.❤

I’ve been using Beauty Blender for years, and I’m of course on the look for a cheaper alternative that will work just like my BB. So far, there’s NONE. Nothing compares.❤


Recently, Happy Skin released their very own makeup sponge. As a big fan of Happy Skin Cosmetics, I expect it to work just like my beloved Original Beauty Blender.

It is definitely firmer than BB, so I immediately got worried, because it’s obvious that it’s made of different material. The first thing that entered my mind is Etude House’s very own makeup sponge, which is also incomparable to BB. It feels exactly like that! LOL

I used it 3 times now, and as much as I wanted to like it, because I so love the brand, its performance made me cringe a bit.

First of all, I use it damp, just like how I use my BB. You wet it while squeezing it repeatedly on a running faucet, make sure that every inch of the sponge is wet. Then you squeeze out all the water as much as you can, and it’s ready to use! 🙂


Processed with MOLDIV
Air Touch with my new Beauty Blender and my 1-yr old Beauty Blender.

PROs: (I use mine damp)

  • It is very good when used with Powder products! That part of my routine I’m really impressed. I used it with my Ben Nye setting powder and Hourglass finishing powder, and the result is as good as my BB!❤ I bet it would also be good with Powder foundations too! 🙂
  • It takes off excess product as good as BB when you’ve kind of used a heavy hand.

CONs: (I use mine damp)

  • It absorbed almost half of the Liquid foundation I used. I used Twice as much product compared to the BB. I usually just use 1.5-2 pumps with BB for my whole face blended down to my neck, but with Air Touch I used 2.5-3 pumps.
  • Since it absorbed so much product, I had to bounce it harder just to “squeeze” some of the foundation on to my face. It was a lot of work! 😦
  • It did not blend as smooth and flawlessly as the BB. The corners of my nose and my undereyes were the hardest to blend, and didn’t really blend.
  • The result was a sheerer coverage compared to BB’s.
  • Because it’s a little stiff and not as flexible as BB, my Air Touch actually broke on the 2nd use because I was pressing it a little too hard to “squeeze out” some of the foundation. Haha
  • It stains easily and so hard to wash off the stain. I used my BB Solid Cleanser while thinking “Why is it so hard to get rid of the stain, it’s freaking BB Cleanser!” LOL
with Foundation
Processed with MOLDIV
2nd use


My Beauty Blender backups 🙂

As you can see, I have lots of Beauty Blender, just waiting to be used! 😀

Well, I do hope Happy Skin is still researching for better materials to use for them to mimic BB’s uber soft and flexible material, because I would still be interested when that day comes!❤

It retails for Php499 at Happy Skin counters nationwide!

You can also order it online HERE. They ship outside the Philippines too!

Hope you Lovelies have a WONDERFUL week ahead!❤



I am, in NO WAY, ruining Happy Skin‘s name. If you have read my review, I said

as much as I wanted to like it, because I so love the brand, its performance made me cringe a bit.”


Even if they send free stuff or pay me to do a review (which they don’t, I buy everything I blog), I will be honest to inform people. I’m not a desperate, kiss-ass, “MUA” or “guru”.

I am comparing it to my favorite sponge in the world, and I am NOT favoring Beauty Blender doing this review. I just use the Air Touch the way I use BB.

If you liked Air Touch, then good for you. If you think it’s soft, I’m sorry but it’s not soft enough for me. If you think they blend so good, fine. It’s just not that good enough for me because I’m comparing it to the Original Beauty Blender, which in my opinion, is the sponge of all makeup sponges! 🙂

It just didn’t meet my expectation. GO AWAY HATERS!❤


4 thoughts on “Beauty Blender’s New Rival?

    1. Hello po! Baka naman po magustuhan ninyo ito. Hehe Kaya po kasi hindi ko nagustuhan kasi sobrang sanay po ako sa Beauty Blender, ever since kasi yun na yung gamit ko kaya sobrang kinompare ko.:)

      I read your reviews sa ColourPop eyebrow products! Gusto ko kasi itry yun. I hope hindi sila mabilis matuyo? 🙂

  1. Hi ms. Ayi. I dont have any bb or any sponge tlga. Waa. Ask ko po sna na if its ok to use class a bb or un tig 100pesos. Waa kasi as of now ipon mode po for skincare, im switching po kc. Ehh d ko pa ata affordborig na bb. Eh like kobpo sna matry 🙂 ty po. And nice review po about bb.

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