Happy Skin Power Pout in Strong and Sexy

I was never a fan of lip glosses. When I think of lip gloss, I think of tacky, sticky icky texture, and I don’t like any of those. Haha

So when Happy Skin released their very own “Lip Gloss” range, I was skeptical.

I dropped by their newly opened stand-alone store in Glorietta, I swatched away and FELL IN LOVE!❤

It’s not really a lip gloss per se, but a very pigmented and shiny liquid lipstick! It was not tacky and sticky, it felt kinda light for a lip gloss! I really LOVED IT!❤



Processed with Moldiv

It is shinier than the Mousse, but the same feel and texture when on lips.❤

Comparison Swatches

I will definitely check the other colors, and I hope they would come out with more colors this year! 🙂 It retails for Php699 at Happy Skin counters nationwide! 🙂

Online HERE! They Deliver outside the Philippines too! 🙂

Hope y’all had a WONDERFUL week!❤


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