I know all of us ladies are always on the hunt for that “Everyday Color” lipstick, or that “My Lips But Better” shade or “MLBB”, and yes, I finally found mine! Not just one shade, but three! You know, it really depends on my mood which one I want to wear, but they are always what I go for each and every time I don’t want to wear bright lips. 💋

I’m sharing with you my favorite MLBB shades! All from Happy Skin Cosmetics and all are just so beautiful! ❤

1. Shut Up and Kiss Me – Honeymoon Glow

This one is a midtone Pink-Nude with mauve undertone which compliments the natural color of my lips.❤

2. Shut Up and Kiss Me – Under the Sheets

This one is a midtone Pink-Nude with warm undertone. It is browner than Honeymoon Glow.❤

3. Shut Up and Kiss Me – Hold My Hand

This one is a midtone Rose-Pink with neutral undertone.❤

Swatches I posted on my Instagram ❤

I hope you love these colors as much as I do!❤

Have you found your MLBB shade? Do share it at the comment section!❤

Have you wonderful week, Lovelies!❤


3 thoughts on “#MLBB

  1. Your skin brings out the pinks in these shades. Very nice! I, on the other hand, tend to bring out the oranges. I stick to the mauves of Happy Skin, like The Morning After and Bride-to-be. That looks pink on me. :))

  2. your swatches are so helpful to me, thank you 🙂 im eyeing a couple of shades from happy skin – honeymoon glow, under the sheets, and girl boss – and im thinking of getting some of these next week. hindi lang ako makapili.

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