Yoghurt House – Sagada

Yoghurt House is without a doubt one of the most iconic restaurants in Sagada. When we first went to Sagada in 2011, this is number 1 on my Must-Try list!❤ and now, 4 years later, the food is still the same quality. Good job for the consistency! 🙂 We stay 4 or 5 days everytime we’re in Sagada, we eat once or twice a day here. 🙂


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As the name suggests, they are famous for their Yogurt here, and it is really good. Their yogurt is more sour than Salt and Pepper’s, you really know you are eating yogurt.❤

Breakfast Menu
Breakfast Menu

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Lunch - Dinner Menu
Lunch – Dinner Menu

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We will never stop eating here when in Sagada.❤


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