Salt and Pepper Inn – Sagada

It is our nth time going here – our “Secret Paradise” other people call Sagada.❤ The last time we were in Sagada, we stayed at the Rock Inn. It is in the outskirts of the city, so when we went back earlier this year I decided to check out the newer Inns at the city center, so we gave Salt and Pepper Inn a try.

Salt and Pepper Inn is inside Salt and Pepper Diner. I think it’s 3rd to 5th floor of the building. I like the convenience of having a restaurant just a floor below your room, and we like eating at Salt and Pepper.

The room we stayed at is just Php500/night so it is a great steal. It has a big ginormous bed and it’s own bathroom with working hot/cold shower (which is a plus in a cool climate!)


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I know it is cold in Sagada, but I was hoping for an electric fan – at least – because there are people who like having flowing air inside the room (that’s us by the way. lol) We tried borrowing an electric fan but they don’t have any. So it made us uncomfortable inside the room. I opened the windows and hoping for some breeze to pass through, especially at night.

The bathroom is OKAY. It’s big enough for showering, but my biggest concern is the toilet.


It grosses me just by thinking of it.

The toilet’s flush is very very weak. I’m a bit of a hygiene freak so I am not going back there. I’m so sorry.

When you flush the toilet, you see other people’s “junk” flowing. I think the plumbing system of the entire floor is connected to each bathroom. GROSS.

Aside from the toilet situation, the inn is good for the budget-curious people. 🙂

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House Rules - Salt and Pepper Inn
House Rules – Salt and Pepper Inn

The desserts I got to try during our February visit. 🙂

Cookie Crumble Yoghurt - YUUMM!
Cookie Crumble Yoghurt – YUUMM!
Matcha Cake - YUUUUUUUUM!
Matcha Cake – YUUUUUUUUM!

I may not go back for the Inn but will ALWAYS go back for the food! 🙂


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