Part 2 ❤ Baguio Trip ❤ FEB 2015

The second part of our 1-week vacation is in Baguio. People might say “Baguio lang?“, but you know, there are so many hidden gems in Baguio! It’s actually now a Foodie paradise! In short, our paradise! 😀

We actually planned our honeymoon around food. Hahahahaha 😀 ❤ I saw this pretty little Bed and Breakfast on Tripadvisor called Guest Haven Baguio and fell in love with the wood furnishings, and really, the whole house! They were #4 on Tripadvisor when I booked them, now they are #1! ❤

I will show you why, in another post of course. 🙂 By the way, this post is just an overview of our trip. I will post individual posts about our trip. 🙂 20150301_042459000_iOS 20150301_042637000_iOS 20150301_041552000_iOS 20150224_002451000_iOS 20150224_002248000_iOS

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I love the plants being sold at Mines View Park!

YUP! We went food-tripping in Baguio! I will report individually. Keep posted! 🙂

You too should go there! Go on a “Food-Trip”! 😉 When we go back, will definitely go to Cafe Sabel at Ben Cab Museum, Mama’s Table, The Chef’s Home, Le Chef at The Manor and Eve’s Garden! Weeeew! SO many places to go to. STILL!❤


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