Part 1 ❤ Banaue – Sagada Trip ❤ FEB 2015

This is the first part of our 1-week vacation right after our wedding. 🙂

On the night of our wedding, we departed for Banaue. Ohayami Trans has Manila to Banaue, and Banaue to Manila Trips. I bought the ticket 1 week before the trip for seat assurance, because they sell out fast!

They are located along Lacson Avenue, corner Fajardo Street (the street after where Florida Bus is, from UST).

By the way, We like riding Ohayami because all the employees there (Manila and Banaue) are Locals from Banaue. FYI. 🙂

It was a fully booked night, I think 6 or 7 buses departed that night, and 60% of all the passengers are foreigners.

Fare to Banaue is Php450. It’s a 6-8 hours of drive. Be sure to bring your pillows and playlist for a comfortable trip. The bus will stop 2 or 3 times, for the passengers to buy snacks, drink coffee, and go to the bathroom.

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To be honest, Banaue is not the only place where you can see this breath-taking view, but almost everywhere in the Mt. Province region has this view! 🙂

The majestic Banaue Rice Terraces :)
The majestic Banaue Rice Terraces 🙂

We just stayed there for an hour, then we went straight to Sagada via a van. Van’s rate is Php300, and can stop when you want to. Specially if you want to use an ATM Machine, he will drive to Bontoc for the passengers to withdraw. It’s a 3-5 hours of drive from Banaue to Sagada.

We’ve been to Sagada a few times before, and we keep coming back because we just love it here. We love the ambiance, the people, and the weather. ❤

The ambiance is so laid back! It’s really perfect for a vacation. I encourage you to stay longer, like 4-5days instead of the typical 3 days 2 nights, so when you finish all the touring, you can experience the best lazy days of your life! I specially like spending Lazy afternoons at Sagada Brew, Lemon Pie House and Salt and Pepper.

The people are just so warm, and will always talk to you. 🙂

The weather is great! I like Sagada better than Baguio. It’s colder than Baguio because it is higher in altitude.

This post is just an overview of our trip in Sagada. I will post individual posts for in-depth reports, comparing them from the first time to the last time we went there. Already posted some reviews! 🙂

UPDATE: There is now an ATM Machine at the Tourist Center, but with additional fee. I can’t remember how much exactly, I’m sorry. 😦

We didn’t go touring this time, because we already gone touring last times we’re here. So we indulge ourselves with 3 full Lazy Days. I just love it! Sipping coffee or tea, eating outside while chatting and laughing with my husband, in Sagada’s cold weather. Perfection. ❤

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Such a beautiful small town, with so much potential, and so much to offer. I’m already excited for my next trip there this year! Will never get tired of coming back here. ❤


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