Marriage – I Guess it’s Not for Everyone

Marriage, for me at least, is the most life-changing moment in one’s life. It is the most sacred thing one, well, the couple will ever do and should really take care of. It is the decision which one should really think about, and get into when one is really, really sure. I’m making this post because, obviously, I’m preparing for my own marriage. Well, I’m mentally and emotionally ready, but we still don’t have wedding rings! OMG! I am very, very happy with my life and it makes me sad that some of the people I know is not.

With all the wedding preparations, I came to think of my friends/acquaintances who are already married, and some who are getting married. It makes me sad that some of them don’t really take it seriously, and some are not really happy. Maybe they did not really think about the consequences of their decisions, or maybe they just don’t put a lot of effort to make themselves happy. I really don’t know.

Obviously, the real key to one’s relationship (any relationship; bf/gf, married/separated couples) are CommunicationHonesty, and just pure Common Sense. They are all related, really.

You see, if you’re not happy, ask yourself, Why? Honesty to yourself is as important as Honesty to your partner. Then Common Sense steps in. Will I tell it to my partner or not? Are you freaking kidding me? If you want to remain unhappy, then don’t do anything about it. If you want to resolve any issues, just f*cking tell him/her. That’s why Communication should be always present in any case.

I hate to break this to you, darling, but Common Sense is not really around every time. It’s actually the one that always bites us in the ass when making decisions. I may have been overboard on this post, but it just freaking makes me angry when someone is ruining his/her own life when they’re not using their Common Sense.

So ask yourself this, Am I being honest to myself?



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