Hole in the Wall – Century Mall :)

You always plan for something and often times you end up not doing the things you planned.


Camille and I went to Century City Mall to try their newly opened Hole in the Wall. The plan was to try every stall, but then as expected from us, we didn’t had the stomach to endure the cheering yummy stalls. We end up stuffing ourselves with nothing but desserts, (just because we were soooo fuuuuull!) Hahaha

Poor Camille, she didn’t even have a sweet-tooth, unlike moi. 🙂

I love everything about the Hole in the Wall. The industrial furnishings, the openness feel of the whole place. It’s the most upscale “food court” I’ve been to, I just love everything! 🙂


20141227_050726000_iOS 20141227_051209000_iOS 20141227_051054000_iOS 20141227_050938000_iOS

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The first thing we tried: Scout’s Honor.

20141227_050111000_iOS 20141227_051757000_iOS

DROOL…. Just by looking at it!


The S’mores-Tag-Along and Matcha Black Sesame Cookie were my favorites! Camille also love the S’mores and Cookie Inception. Samoas Dream is also good, but we’re not really into coconuts.

Samoas Dream
Samoas Dream
Matcha Black Sesame Cookie
Matcha Black Sesame Cookie
Cookie Inception... is the BOMB!
Cookie Inception… is the BOMB!

I feel so full just by looking at it. You won’t believe how heavy those cookies are when you eat them. You will get full when you eat the WHOLE cookie while trying every flavor they have. Trust me, just take a bite of each. 😉 Good thing is they have yummy custom-made milk for you to gulp while enjoying the cookies. The Salted Caramel is our favorite!

The Matcha Milk and Salted Caramel Milk. Divine!
The Matcha Milk and Salted Caramel Milk. Divine!

The next thing we tried was the Green Cheese‘s cheesecakes. They are Japanese cheesecakes, so don’t expect the Chicago or New York type. It is very fluffy and light tasting, but creamy. Don’t expect something sweet. Just a heads up. 😉


Original Cheesecake by Green Cheese
Original Cheesecake by Green Cheese
Matcha Cheesecake by Green Cheese
Matcha Cheesecake by Green Cheese

The last tray we tried was the Tiny Duchess‘ eclairs. I love eclairs! Tiny Duchess has savory and sweet kinds, so you can order your lunch/dinner and your dessert.



We were so full already. We can hardly even laugh! But I won’t let these babies get away that easy! 😉 So we ordered the small ones., half of the original size.

The savory ones. I forgot the name of the last one, I know it's Salmon!
The savory ones. I forgot the name of the last one, I know it’s Salmon!
The sweet ones!
The sweet ones!

The Croque Mosieur, Goat Cheese, Salmon, Creme Brulee, Double Chocolate, Caramel Popcorn and Apple Green really stole the show. I did scrape the fondant topping off the Green Apple, I hated how sweet the topping was, but the apple pie filling in it was amazing.

20141227_054914000_iOS 20141227_055131000_iOS 20141227_055355000_iOS 20141227_055602000_iOS 20141227_055806000_iOS 20141227_060010000_iOS 20141227_060215000_iOS 20141227_060406000_iOS


We will be back for sure, well, surely for me. I live so near, but we will definitely be back to try all of the stalls!

20141227_051533000_iOS 20141227_051327000_iOS 20141227_052914000_iOS 20141221_140802000_iOS 20141227_060612000_iOS

Follow them on Facebook and Instagram for latest news and offerings!

Hole in the WallScout’s HonorTiny Duchess and Green Cheese

Have a lovely week ahead! Happy Christmas! 🙂


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