BDJ Box Luxe – Shu Uemura :)


I have to admit.

I went a little cray-cray over this box.

It’s just, I bought it as a Birthday gift to myself! 🙂 12 Last Wednesday, May 28th, BDJ Box introduced their 1st ever BDJ Luxe Box! By the way, when are you planning to release another BDJ Elite Box??? 🙂 Of course, when you buy any subscription box, it’s always a hit or miss. Thankfully, this box is a hit for me! 🙂 Though, I always keep in mind why these products are soooo cheap compared to their retail. I’ll explain it later! 🙂

The box is gorgeous! 4_Fotor It’s almost the size of 2 regular BDJ Box. 🙂 5_Fotor_Fotor 6_Fotor It has a magnet lock, so you can really reuse it for your makeups, skincare, what have you. 7_Fotor 8_Fotor 9_Fotor

There are 4 Full sized products, 9 deluxe sized, 5 tester sachets, and 2 vouchers.

11_Fotor 12_Fotor 13_Fotor 14_Fotor 15_Fotor

1. OB High Performance Balancing Cleansing Oil – Full Size (Php 4,095)

I picked this because I already have the Fresh Pore Clarifying variant. 🙂 16_Fotor 2. The Lightbulb Fluid Foundation – Full Size (Php 2,350)

Moderate Beige 744 – This shade is a little darker and leans more on the yellow undertone. I can still use it though, I will just mix this with a lighter shade with more pink or neutral undertone to match my skin color. I love liquid foundations with pumps, they really think about hygiene. 🙂 22_Fotor 23_Fotor 3. OB UV Under Base Brightening Mousse – Full Size (Php 2,200)

4. Tsuya Skin UV Under Base Youthful Radiance Mousse – Deluxe Size This is what I’ve been using for the past 2 years now, and I love it! 25_Fotor 5. Gloss Unlimited Lip Gloss – Full Size (Php 995)

6. Gloss Unlimited Lip Gloss – Deluxe Size

Now, explain to me, who the hell uses gold glitter lip gloss?! It’s crazy! (can you now sense that I hate lip glosses? LOL) 20_Fotor 7. Tsuya Skin Youthful Radiance Generator – Deluxe Size

I’ve used this, and it is pretty on skin! Smells good too! 24_Fotor 8. Face Powder Sheer – Deluxe Size 18_Fotor 19_Fotor 9. Anti Oxi Skin Refining Anti Dullness Cleansing Oil – Deluxe Size 27_Fotor 10. Whitefficient Whitening Emulsion – Deluxe Size 30_Fotor 11. Phyto-Black Lift Smoothing Anti-Wrinkle Emulsion – Deluxe Size 29_Fotor 12. Deepsea Hydrability Moisturizing Lotion – Deluxe Size 28_Fotor 13. Deepsea Hydrability Intense Moisturizing Concentrate – Deluxe Size 31_Fotor 14. Red:Juvenus Vitalizing Renewing Night Cream – Tester Sachet

Tsuya Skin Youthful Radiance Generator – Tester Sachet

Red:Juvenus Vitalizing Refining Lotion – Tester Sachet

Whitefficient Cleansing Oil – Tester Sachet

Ultimate Sublime Beauty Cleansing Oil – Tester Sachet 32_Fotor 33_Fotor 15. Vouchers! 🙂 34_Fotor I have to say, this box is sooooo cheap compared to their retail prices, it’s because of THIS. Can you see it??? 🙂

OB High Performance Balancing Cleansing Oil
OB High Performance Balancing Cleansing Oil
Gloss Unlimited Lip Gloss
Gloss Unlimited Lip Gloss
OB UV Under Base Brightening Mousse
OB UV Under Base Brightening Mousse

Instead of being accounted for as waste, they just sell them at rock-bottom prices! Hey, as long as everything is sealed, I’m okay! 🙂

All in all, I loved almost everything in the box! (except for the Lip Glosses, which I didn’t care for.)

Check them out on Facebook! BDJ BoxShu Uemura Philippines

Or purchase your very own BDJ Box Here, July is still open for subscription!

Take care, Loves! 🙂


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