Pleasantly Pampered :)

Yesterday is one of the days I’m always thankful for. That once or twice a month “Me Time” we always look forward to! 🙂 My family and friends know how I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE going to the spa, going to the waxing salon, and having my nails done every (or sometimes more frequent) month. 🙂

To my Hardworking/Work-a-holic friends out there, ALWAYS MAKE SOME TIME FOR YOURSELF. It is one of the ways to not kill yourself when stress is eating you up. LoL Kidding aside, it may not be every month, but you can do it at your convenience. Have a massage, or get your nails done, or just simply go to the gym, or go food tripping to that restaurant you’ve always wanted to try. It makes you stay connected to yourself, you know. 🙂 I just want to share this happy day with you. 🙂

I bathed Floppy yesterday morning before hopping in the shower.


After lunch, I went straight to Greenbelt 5 to go to Nail Tropics, which I have scheduled the day before. By the way, always, always have an appointment at least a day before. Because they usually can be fully booked so quickly, and if you’re a walk-in client, don’t get your hopes up.

Anyway, Nail Tropics is my go-to mani-pedi place when I’m in Manila.


I booked for a Butter Me Up Pedi-Spa. You can see their services here – Nail Tropics. 🙂



The ambiance is so relaxing. The music complements the interiors.

IMG_4652 IMG_4722

Oh, my favorite part, the scrub! Super sarap!

IMG_4724 IMG_4723

After the scrub, of course the pedicure, and then the foot massage! Ate Ester is soooo good in massaging! I didn’t polish my nails, because I’ve been polishing it for 3 straight months, so I wanted to rest my nails. 🙂 It took 1.5 hours. That’s right! 1.5 hours of pure bliss. 🙂


Then I went straight to Strip – The Ministry of Waxing/ Browhaus, which by the way is just across Nail Tropics. LoL

I have been a loyal client of their’s for 3 years now. Yes, 3 years! I started to become a part of their family in 2011. They are definitely expensive compared to other cheaper waxing and brow salons out there, but I became loyal because of their service. You know, it’s not about how expensive it is, but clients WILL ALWAYS go back for good service. 🙂

IMG_4726 IMG_4727

As usual, I booked an appointment the day before. Of course, to my Striperella since day 1, Ate Krissy, my love. 🙂 I love their industrial themed salon. So rustic.

Strip's counter.
Strip’s counter.
Waiting area.
Waiting area.
Bench with Jenny. :)
Bench with Jenny. 🙂

You can also wait beside Jenny. Well, Jenny is their mascot. If you don’t want to be as hairy as Jenny, then you should get Stripped! 😛

Jenny! :)
Jenny! 🙂 Not my photo.

A few notes before getting waxed:

  • Wear comfortable and loose clothes.
  • Do not wear tight underwear, should be breathable (specially when getting a Brazilian).
  • When you have LOW threshold for pain, you should take a pain reliever 30 minutes before your session. (I don’t really know if this is true, it might depend on individuality.)

for more questions, refer to their FAQs here.

Service rates here, but it’s not updated. The updated prices for Brazilian XXXX(all off) and XXX(labia and bottom) is Php 1,298. Underarm is Php 698. I know, I know, they are really expensive, but they are DEFINITELY worth every peso! Try it to believe it!

Anyway, I had an appointment for Brazilian (Php 1,298), Underarm (Php 698), Upper lip (Php 250), and Lower leg (Php 850), with the best Striperella in the world, Ate Krissy! 🙂 If you’re a Brazilian virgin, you should get Ate Krissy! 😉

They call their waxers Striperella. Cute term! They are the best waxers in town. They had training in Singapore for a few months before graduating into a Striperella they are now!

IMG_4731 IMG_4732 IMG_4735



They are the most hygienic waxing salon ever! They also have squeeze toys for you to use if you need help in relieving stress while waxing.


After my appointment at Strip, I had an appointment at Browhaus, for a Brow Construction (Php 598). I didn’t pay for it, I redeemed a FREE Brow Construction Voucher from my Jan-Feb BDJ Box! Sweet! 🙂

Service rates here.

Browhaus is using a special thread, that makes it nearly painless for threading. You read that right! Nearly painless, I must say! Definitely the best brow salon in town!

Browhaus' counter.
Browhaus’ counter.

Behind those green submarine-like doors are Browhaus’ rooms!


Ate Irene is right there. Haha


See how beautifully shaped my brows are after the construction! My brows are naturally high-arched. Ugh. :\


Sadly, the sessions had to end, of course. After which, I grabbed a cup of my favorite Milk Tea from Toast Box. 🙂 I love how Authentic they make their milk tea. I always watch the process! The cooling technique, which I also learned from culinary school, is amusing to watch. 🙂

Milk tea is essentially Brewed tea + Condensed milk. LOVE!

IMG_4745 IMG_4746 IMG_4747 IMG_4750

So, there you go! I hope you enjoyed reading this. My usual “Me Time”. 🙂

A total of 5 blissful hours is all you need! So, make time for yourself! You deserve it, my friend! 🙂

Nail Tropics, Strip Manila and Browhaus Manila are located in Greenbelt 5, 4th floor. They also have branches in Serendra, 2nd Floor, BGC.

You can follow them on Facebook: Nail TropicsStrip ManilaBrowhaus Manila.

Or you can visit their websites, for more information here: Nail TropicsStrip ManilaBrowhaus Manila.

Have a Great Week Everyone! 🙂